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When Rome falls, the next period of Western history is called:
a) all of these
b) the Middle Ages
c) the Dark Ages
d) the Medieval Period

Polytheists believe in
a) Apollo
b) one god
c) many gods
d) Dionysus

The Greek Modes became the
a) Church Modes in the Middle Ages
b) Com-Modes in the Royal Privy
c) Unlawful in the Middle Ages
d) None of these!

Monotheists believe in
a) Apollo
b) one god
c) many gods
d) Mr. Difinnis

Our cultural sense of a 'home base' sound in music is called
a) tonality
b) reality
c) neutrality
d) hearality

Rome falls in
a) 476 A.D.
b) 764 BC
c) 467 CE
d) 476 B.C.

Legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire
a) Romulas
b) Contantine
c) Pope Gregory
d) Apollo

The ancient pipe organ was called the
a) hydraulis
b) Greek Organ
c) Roman Bath
d) dodechahedron

Traditional Date for the Founding of Rome
a) 753 BCE
b) 573 BCE
c) 357 MAG
d) 753

Rome conquered Greece in
a) 146 BC
b) 753 BCE
c) 2000 BCE
d) c. 450 BC

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