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Which is an example of a color service?
a) Doneger Creative Services
b) Huepoint
c) Promostyl
d) Trend Union

Which is known worldwide as a provider of color systems and technology used in the graphic design, printing, publishing, textile, and plastics industries?
a) Color Portfolio
b) Huepoint
c) International Color Authority
d) Pantone, Inc.

The direction of movement of public acceptance of color, texture, and silhouette in fashion is a
a) Fashion trend.
b) Publication
c) Silhouette
d) Style

While shopping in Sears, Andrea is asked her opinion of the merchandise the store currently carries and what other merchandise she would like to see the store offer for sale. Andrea is participating in a/an
a) Comparison shopping event.
b) Consumer lifestyle survey.
c) Fashion show
d) In-store informal interview

When researching sales, rising sales indicate fashion trends that are:
a) Not meeting consumer demand.
b) Obsolete
c) past their peak
d) Developing

Which is a major fashion service?
a) Doneger Creative Services
b) Huepoint
c) Pantone, Inc
d) The Color Marketing Group

Studying market conditions, consumer lifestyles, current events, and the mood of the public are activities of
a) Customer profiling.
b) market research
c) market segmentation
d) test marketing

Predicting fashion trends is
a) Forecasting.
b) merchandising
c) producing
d) retailing

Which is NOT a type of fashion marketing research?
a) Comparison shopping
b) consumer research
c) sales research
d) textile analysis

Consumer research is a study of
a) Fashion preferences, income levels, lifestyles, and shopping habits.
b) Previous sales records.
c) Business practices and policies for fashion marketing.
d) Existing market conditions.

Which is a trade publication used by the female fashion industry?
a) Seventeen
b) Women's Wear Daily
c) Women's World
d) Vogue

When researching sales records, weak sales indicate fashion trends that are
a) Developing.
b) Rising
c) Not meeting consumer demand.
d) Widely accepted

Fashion forecasters are LEAST interested in:
a) New fiber and fabric developments.
b) Trends in retail store design.
c) New styles and silhouettes
d) Popular colors

A fashion forecaster would be interested in watching or attending award events such as the American Music Awards, The Emmys, or The Oscars PRIMARILY to
a) Establish relationships with fashion vendors.
b) See if he/she has won an award.
c) View the new commercials for fashion items.
d) Observe what the celebrities are wearing

The owner of Erica’s, a small boutique; visits another local boutique to view its merchandise selection. This is:
a) sales research
b) comparison shopping
c) fashion shopping
d) consumer research

In predicting fashion trends Janae reviews fashion publications, catalogs, and websites. This type of marketing research is
a) Comparison shopping.
b) Consumer research
c) Fashion shopping
d) Sales research

The Standard Color of Textile Dictionnaire International de la Couleur is a/an
a) Fashion service that provides information on textile fiber trends
b) French fashion house that projects colors for the upcoming season.
c) International color codification system for textiles.
d) Non-profit trade association for the textile industry

Amber invites a group of current customers to meet and discuss their degree of satisfaction about the store and its merchandise. Amber is meeting with a
a) Consumer focus group.
b) Labor union
c) retail association
d) trade association

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