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Which is the most appropriate question to ask a potential employer regarding your resume?
a) Do you want me to include certifications?
b) What job experience do you want me to include?
c) In what format do you want it?
d) How much Web experience should I include?

Which statement is true regarding the use of Internet searches for job-related research?
a) The Internet is unreliable because too much false information is generated via popular search engines.
b) The Internet provides fast, convenient access to social networking, but should not be used as a research tool.
c) The Internet should be used as a secondary resource to information found in scholarly journals.
d) The Internet provides fast, convenient access to a vast amount of information and services.

Which IT job role best describes an individual who is responsible for diagnosing and resolving users' technical hardware and software problems?
a) Help desk technician
b) PC repair technician
c) Security manager
d) Network engineer

What is the term for an individual who is responsible for developing and implementing plans to take advantage of the sales and marketing opportunities available through the Internet?
a) Web site manager
b) Web application developer
c) Web marketing manager
d) Web site analyst

As a new IT professional, you need to understand the needs of the business, as well as the various technologies required to design and deliver specific products. What is the term that describes this perspective in relation to IT?
a) Ontological
b) Cloud-based
c) Architectural
d) Holistic

Which IT job role best describes an individual who creates applications for devices such as smartphones and tablets?
a) Web site designer
b) Mobile application developer
c) Web application developer
d) Web architect

Which of the following standards organizations offers a family of business management system standards that details the steps recommended to produce high-quality products and services?
a) The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
b) The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
c) The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
d) The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Cloud computing is a computing paradigm in which:
a) one domain name server hosts multiple domain names.
b) multiple companies, organizations or people share portions of the same domain name.
c) users are able to access software and services run by servers that reside on the Internet.
d) users are able to outsource a task to an undefined group of people or community to obtain and analyze large amounts of data.

You have just created a resume detailing your experience as a Web designer. Which is the most efficient way to distribute this information to the appropriate audience?
a) Submit your resume to a job search Web site.
b) Find a list of HR representatives on the Internet, and send your resume as an e-mail attachment.
c) Re-create your resume in HTML and post it on the Web for easy keyword searching.
d) Send your resume to every contact in your e-mail address book.

Which IT job role best describes an individual who is responsible for managing the maintenance and security of an organization's data?
a) Web site manager
b) Network engineer
c) Database administrator
d) Server administrator

Which IT job role best describes an individual who is responsible for the organization and appearance of a Web site?
a) Web site analyst
b) Web application developer
c) Web site architect
d) Web site designer

Which IT job role best describes an individual who is responsible for maintaining the software and procedures necessary to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information, and legitimate access to it?
a) Web site manager
b) Database administrator
c) Server administrator
d) Security manager

In which of the following job roles is it most important that you be able to translate highly technical concepts into information that a non-technical audience can readily understand?
a) Marketing manager
b) Help desk technician
c) Server administrator
d) Java programmer

Which IT job role best describes an individual who provides organizational leadership for Web site content and all related initiatives?
a) Web application developer
b) Web site manager
c) Web site analyst
d) Web architect

Cloud computing is software services that are provided over the Internet. Which of the following IT job roles should be most familiar with cloud computing software, infrastructure and platform services?
a) Server administrator
b) SEO analyst
c) Web architect
d) Help desk technician

Which IT job role best describes an individual who develops primarily server-side Web applications?
a) Web architect
b) Server administrator
c) Database administrator
d) Web application developer

Which of the following is considered a responsibility of IT professionals?
a) To plan and conduct service and product installations and training in a manner that minimizes workflow interruption and downt
b) To have access to the hardware, software and security clearances required to perform tasks
c) To provide services and products in a timely, cost-effective and secure manner, even if the service violates company policy
d) To receive clear, detailed objectives and instructions so they can provide the appropriate services and products to their cus

You have decided to look for a new job to advance your career opportunities. Which process helps you to obtain current information about available, relevant jobs in your area most quickly?
a) Conduct a search on Google using appropriate keywords.
b) Send instant messages to contacts at other companies.
c) Conduct a search on a job seeker site.
d) Join a mailing list for job seekers.

As an IT professional, which is the most important reason for you to develop and use good communication skills?
a) Because you must communicate literately in IT newsgroup discussions
b) Because you will need to represent technical issues to a non-technical audience
c) Because you must discuss your project tasks with other members of your IT team
d) Because your social network is an important resource in a job search

As a member of a busy IT department, you often work with end users and management personnel, many of whom have only a basic knowledge of computers and computer networks. Which of the following skills is important to your job as an IT professional?
a) Marketing skills
b) Management training
c) Communication skills
d) Programming expertise

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