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Who wrote the 95 thesis
a) Martin Luther
b) Charles V
c) Wittenberg
d) Thomas More

What factors set the stage for the Protestant Reformation?
a) anger about Church practices such as selling indulgences,
b) new sciences
c) the lack of equality among people in society
d) new art

How did Luther's teachings affect people and society in northern Europe?
a) Luther's teachings lead to the establishment of a new church and sparked a period of social upheaval and violence
b) The gave up Christianity and became monks
c) People began rioting in the streets.
d) Only the chosen people would be selected.

Johann Gutenberg invented this item?
a) Printing press
b) Paint brushes
c) Vernacular
d) Utopian

Today the word (blank) an ideal society often with the implication that such a society is ultimately impractical.
a) Utopian
b) Vernacular
c) Engraving
d) Erasmus

How were Calvin's ideas put into practice?
a) In Geneva, Calvinists set up a theocracy; in other places, Calvinists established churches and led rebellions.
b) Calvin did not believe that there was a God and beginning protesting
c) Christians could be saved only through faith.
d) An indulgence was a lessening of the time a soul would have to spend in purgatory.

This book was first printed by the Gutenberg press in 1455
a) Bible
b) Da Vinci Code
c) Quran
d) Utopia

How did revolts against the Roman Catholic Church affect northern European society?
a) People began to question specific practices of the Church and the role and practice of religion and general.
b) In medieval times, people accepted the authority of the Church without question.
c) The church officials were stealing money.
d) The church officials were terrible speakers.

What factors encouraged the use of the vernacular in literature in Renaissanace society.
a) Answers should include the growth of the middle class, the humanists emphasis on education, and the printing press.
b) An emphasis on the individual; realism; and the importance of the classics
c) William Shakespeare's plays
d) Extensive notebooks on nature

This man preached predestination...
a) John Calvin
b) Martin Luther
c) Zurich
d) Michael Jackson

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