Possessive Nouns (Singular) Question Preview (ID: 2062)

A Possessive Noun Shows That A Person Or Animal Owns Or Has Something. Add An Apostrophe And -s ('s) To A Singular Noun To Make It A Possessive Noun. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

_____ favorite sport is softball.
a) Baileys
b) Baileys'
c) Bailey's
d) Bailies

The ____ eggs were tucked safely under her tail.
a) crawdad's
b) crawdads
c) crawdads'
d) crawdades

____ finger was almost pinched by Killer.
a) Mitchell
b) Mitchell's
c) Mitchells
d) Mitchells'

____ mascot is the tiger.
a) Kelloggs
b) Kelloggs'
c) Kellogges
d) Kellogg's

____ amazing book was a bestseller!
a) Beth's
b) Beths
c) Bethes
d) Beths'

Is this ____ artwork?
a) Lexies
b) Lexi's
c) Lexis'
d) Lexis

The ____ body felt fuzzy.
a) caterpillars'
b) caterpillars
c) caterpillar's
d) caterpillares

Many people signed _____ petition to save the caterpillars.
a) Rachels'
b) Rachel's
c) Rachels
d) Racheles

____ photo showed the huge fish he caught!
a) Braxtones
b) Braxtons
c) Braxtons'
d) Braxton's

____ bunny hopped all around her room.
a) Lilys
b) Lily's
c) Lilies
d) Lilys'

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