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How hot can a river get?
a) over 200 degrees F
b) over 100 degrees F
c) no hotter than 80 degrees F
d) no hotter than 65 degrees F

How cold can a river get?
a) 32 degrees F
b) 0 degrees F
c) well below zero degrees F
d) Over -200 degrees F

Mangrove swamps live best in temperatures of
a) 66 degrees F or higher
b) 51 degrees F or lower
c) 105 degrees F or higher
d) 32 degrees F or lower

Swamps flourish in which of these temperature ranges?
a) -50 to 50 degrees F
b) 95-120 degrees F
c) 0-50 degrees F
d) 59-95 degrees F

How much average precipitation does a mangrove swamp get each year?
a) 250 + Inches
b) 50-75 inches
c) 175.5 Inches
d) 100 inches

Which of the following gets 70-80 inches of precipitation a year?
a) Swamp
b) Mangrove Swamp
c) River
d) Estuary

Which of the following is true about rivers and precipitation?
a) Watershed runoff takes water out of the river.
b) Watershed runoff flows into tributaries to fill rivers.
c) Tributaries take hundreds of inches of water out of rivers per year.
d) Watershed runoff / precipitation usually all goes in the soil and never makes it to the river.

This aquatic biomes usually flow to the south.
a) rivers
b) Marshes
c) Swamps
d) Coral Reefs

These are almost always found in tropical climates near the ocean
a) swamps
b) freshwater marshes
c) mangrove swamps
d) river origins

These are almost always found near Temperate Forest Regions-
a) Rivers
b) Saltwater Marshes
c) Coral Reefs
d) Swamps

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