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Jake and a couple of friends are on the cross-country team. Although they are not the fastest runners, they enjoy the workout. Jake feels good about maintaining a B average in school this year. Which is an example of his health triangle?
a) His triangle is short on the social side.
b) His triangle is equal.
c) His triangle is short on the mental side.
d) His triangle is short on the physical side.

Which of the following includes influences on your health?
a) media, technology, physical environment, social environment
b) doctors, lawyers, teachers and friends.
c) social media, culture, parents, friends
d) both a and c

True or false: Technology always influences our health in a positive manner.
a) true
b) false

What is one way technology is a negative influence on our health?
a) There are more cures for diseases.
b) There are technological advances in medicine and medical technology.
c) We are less physically active because of technology.
d) Technology is never a negative influence on our health.

What are the three sides to the health triangle?
a) mental, emotional, physical
b) social, physical, mental/emotional
c) technological, social, mental
d) mental, dorsal, physical

Which of the following can prevent harm to your health?
a) practice abstinence and avoid risk behaviors.
b) pick and choose which risk factors are worse than others.
c) only participate in one risk factor at a time.
d) See a doctor once a month.

Which of the following is a consequence of not practicing abstinence?
a) teenage pregnancy
b) STD's
c) not finishing your education
d) all of the above

What is the only 100% method to prevent teenage pregnancy and not getting STD's?
a) safe sex
b) abstinence
c) talking to your friends
d) none of the above

Which of the following is an example of social health?
a) working out every day.
b) getting along with others.
c) high self esteem
d) all of the above

Melanie exercises and eats healthful foods, but she still does not like the way she looks. She pouts about her appearance and refuses to go out with her friends because she thinks she is ugly. Which of the following represents her health triangle?
a) an equal triangle
b) a triangle in which physical and social are even, but mental is short.
c) a triangle in which social and physical are even, but mental is short.
d) A triangle in which physical is short and mental and social are equal.

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