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A story
a) setting
b) plot
c) stanza
d) narrative

The sequence or series of events in a work of fiction
a) setting
b) plot
c) stanza
d) exposition

Characteristic or feature of something
a) aspect
b) imperfection
c) genre
d) text

To examine something carefully to judge its value or worth
a) monitor
b) test
c) evaluate
d) observe

Relating to culture or cultivation
a) ancestor
b) generation
c) background
d) cultural

Something that can be used for support or help
a) assistant
b) resource
c) text
d) book

A literary work thatcis looked at critically, written words
a) short story
b) poem
c) text
d) graph

The beginning of a story that introduces the characters and setting
a) plot
b) exposition
c) resolution
d) falling action

The story's moment of greatest interest
a) setting
b) plot
c) exposition
d) climax

The struggle or problem in a story
a) exposition
b) theme
c) conflict
d) exposition

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