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No matter how hard he concentrated, something was still ______________ or not coming to him.
a) eluding
b) malady
c) manipulated
d) glutton

Doug ran uphill until he found the building with J. Plum , attorney ____________ hanging on the door.
a) placard
b) glutton
c) malady
d) eluding

Sam Westing _______________ people, cheated workers, bribed officials, and stole ideas.
a) malady
b) manipulated
c) eluding
d) placard

A suspicious _______________ and no Westing Connection, Sydelle did not fit in with the Westing heirs.
a) placard
b) manipulated
c) malady
d) glutton

What does Theo discover when he anaylzes his clues?
a) they point to Mr. Hoo
b) they point to the bookie
c) they point to the bomber
d) they point to Otis Amber

Who received information from the private investigator?
a) Sandy McSouthers and Judge Ford
b) Grace Wexler and Mr. Hoo
c) Flora Baumbach and Turtle Wexler
d) Theo and Doug Hoo

Who does Judge Ford think should be protected?
a) Angela Wexler
b) Sam Westing's wife
c) Mr. Hoo
d) Turtle Wexler

What were the two trading terms that Flora Baumbach learned?
a) cattish and doggish
b) WPP and SEA
c) bullish and bearish
d) cowish and cubbish

Why does Crowe think that Mr. Hoo is the murderer?
a) Otis told her he was the bomber.
b) He eats chocolate all day so he must be guilty.
c) He hates Sam Westing.
d) She hates Chinese food.

Crow thought,
a) manipulated
b) glutton
c) placard
d) malady

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