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if your computer shuts down before you save a document, you can recover it under which tab?
a) file
b) home
c) view
d) page layout

blinking line that shows you where text will appear
a) insertion point
b) cursor
c) mouse
d) command

you can change the zoom of your document in which tab?
a) view
b) home
c) insert
d) review

What is autorecover?
a) An option that allows you to open a document you haven't saved changes to
b) An extra tab that pops up when you click on an object
c) a view in Word
d) another name for the zoom bar

the help button is located in the ___________________ of the screen
a) upper right
b) middle
c) lower right
d) bottom

the bar at the very bottom of your monitor is
a) task bar
b) status bar
c) aj sports bar
d) metal bar

when you use the help button, it gives you different __________ to click on
a) links
b) button
c) ribbons
d) paragraphs to read

when you copy an item it is placed on the _________________
a) clipboard
b) insert tab
c) contextual tab
d) backstage view

you must have the clipboard open if you want cut items to appear on it
a) true
b) false
c) Shenel
d) snow

to view multiple windows on your screen at the same time, right click on the _______________
a) task bar
b) document area
c) dialog box
d) task pane

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