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Alcohol is a
a) Stimulant
b) Depressant
c) Narcotic
d) Barbituate

Tobacco is a
a) Stimulant
b) Depressant
c) Narcotic
d) Barbituate

What is the legal limit for BAC in underage drivers?
a) .02
b) .05
c) .08
d) .00

How many beers in an hour is considered binge drinking for a male?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Five

Which is a possible long term effect of cigarette smoking?
a) Lung cancer
b) Heart disease
c) Gum disease
d) All of the above

a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8

a) 4
b) 8
c) 6
d) 10

What is the first letter of the alphabet?
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

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