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What are the elements of art?
a) Line, Shape, Space, Texture, Form, Color, Value
b) Line, Shape, Harmony, Balance, Texture, Form
c) Unity, Color, Value, Form, Texture, Shape
d) Repetition and Variation, Balance, Contrast, Space

Which is not an element of art?
a) Color
b) Balance
c) Space
d) Texture

Straight, curvy, zig-zag, diagonal, horizontal are all words to describe this element:
a) Shape
b) Space
c) Color
d) Line

Blue is an example of this element:
a) Color
b) Value
c) Contrast
d) Texture

Soft, hard, smooth, rough are examples of:
a) Line
b) Texture
c) Form
d) Color

What element shows how light and dark something is?
a) Value
b) Color
c) Form
d) Space

What is an example of a color?
a) Grape
b) Banana
c) Orange
d) Cherry

What is form?
a) The shape of an object.
b) The 3D shape of an object.
c) The way an object moves.
d) A document you fill out.

In a painting of a dog what elements would be important to include?
a) Line, Texture, Color
b) Space, Value, Contrast
c) Color, Space, Form
d) Line only

Who is your favorite teacher?
a) Ms. Keatts
b) Ms. Keatts
c) Ms. Keatts
d) Ms. Keatts

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