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Which of the following usually is a characteristic of the sport/event industry
a) Manages a worldwide media network
b) Communicates with a limited audience
c) Provides products that are different for each consumer
d) Employs only those people who have athletic ability

The Chamber of Commerce for a large city estimates the income for the city generated by the sales tax, parking fees, food-service tax, and amusement tax collected as a result of a rock concert. This is an example of _______________ impact.
a) fiscal
b) indirect
c) total
d) direct

A unique characteristic of the sport industry is that it seeks to attract markets that
a) demand mostly tangible products
b) have consumers with artistic talent
c) include spectators and participants
d) are concerned with environmental issues

Professional sports teams benefit their surrounding community by
a) endorsing local political candidates.
b) attracting tourist dollars.
c) hiring handlers to make sure athletes behave.
d) making seat licenses available to season ticket holders.

The core benefits to customers who purchase sport products include entertainment, health, and
a) achievement
b) promotion
c) independence
d) adaptability

When a professional football expansion team is established in a community, the economic impact might result in
a) business closures, job layoffs, and high inflation rates.
b) more tourism, lower tax rates, and high interest rates
c) higher tax rates and fewer financial investment opportunities.
d) increased job creation and more consumer spending.

_______________________ was the first movie to gross almost One Billion dollars.
a) Dumb and Dumber
b) Titanic
c) Steamboat Willie
d) Frozen

Who broke the color barrier in MLB?
a) Michael Jordan
b) Bo Jackson
c) Muhammad Ali
d) Jackie Robinson

What was the first fully synchronized cartoon?
a) Mickey's Club House
b) Snow White
c) Steamboat Willie
d) A Goofy Movie

Who coined the phrase SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT
a) Vince Furnier
b) Vince McMahon
c) Bill France
d) Coach Gettys

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