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What is not a ride at the fairground?
a) Ferris Wheel
b) Carousel
c) Mayor
d) Rollercoaster

Which is not a person?
a) Microphone
b) Mayor
c) Journalist
d) Photographer

Which is not a person?
a) Queen
b) Shield
c) King
d) Knight

Which is not a weapon?
a) Bow and Arrow
b) Sword
c) Shield
d) Belt

Which is NOT something you wear?
a) Shield
b) Belt
c) Necklace
d) Bracelet

What makes your voice LOUD?
a) Band
b) Carousel
c) Helmet
d) Microphone

Who is the person who takes photographs?
a) famous
b) band
c) photographer
d) dangerous

What should you wear when you ride a bike?
a) necklace
b) helmet
c) adventure
d) shield

Which is NOT a person?
a) queen
b) journalist
c) sword
d) knight

Which one is a ride at the fairground?
a) sword
b) knight
c) band
d) bumper cars

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