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Conductors are all around this room. Without conductors, you would not have-
a) mobile phones
b) computers
c) projectors
d) All of these

Insulators keep us safe by-
a) protecting us from high temperatures.
b) conducting electricity
c) conducting heat
d) none of these

Why would you NOT put your coffee in a metal cup?
a) Metal would melt.
b) Metal would break.
c) Metal is a conductor and it would steal the heat away.
d) Metal is an insulator and it would keep the heat in.

Which of these is a good conductor of heat?
a) Iron skillet
b) paper cup
c) foam handle
d) paper plate

Why do electricians wear rubber boots?
a) They are fashionable.
b) Rubber is a good conductor and will help them conduct electricity.
c) Rubber is a good insulator and protects them from being shocked.
d) Rubber is both and insulator and a conductor.

Which one of the following would be a good thermal (heat) insulator?
a) Metal Stove Top
b) Metal Skillet
c) Iron Pan
d) Styrofoam Cup

Which is the least dense object?
a) A Ping Pong Ball
b) A Marble
c) A Brick
d) A Paper Clip

The Sun is made of-
a) Solids
b) Liquids
c) Gases
d) None of these

When a solid changes to a liquid, we say it is-
a) evaporating
b) melting
c) condensing
d) raining

Which of these substances is less dense than water?
a) Oil
b) Sand
c) Salt
d) Food Coloring

Which of the following objects would stick to a magnet?
a) A copper penny
b) An Iron Clip
c) A quarter
d) aluminum foil

Why is it dangerous to stay in the water (lake, swimming pool) during a lightening storm?
a) You could get too cold.
b) Water is a conductor and will let electricity easily pass through.
c) Water is an insulator and will stop the electricity.
d) None of the Above.

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