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A form of literature written in a natural way or flow of language
a) Prose
b) Poetry
c) Fiction
d) Non-fiction

It is the compostition in prose presented in dialogue
a) Poetry
b) Essay
c) Idea
d) Drama

It is the Largest stone cirle in the world.
a) Stonehenge
b) Avebury
c) Stone circle
d) Pre Stone

In the Anglo-Saxon Period , they are the two Groups of celts moved into the british isles.
a) Celts and Romans
b) Jutes and Angles
c) Britons and Gaels
d) Romans and Angles

In the Society of Anglo-Saxon each tribe are ruled by A king chosen by a council of Elders also called as?
a) thanes
b) Freemen
c) Thralls
d) Witan

He is the greatest Anglo-saxon scholar considered as the “ Father of English History” .
a) William Normandy
b) Pope Gregory
c) The venerable bede
d) Monks

. During the Anglo –Saxon invasion 449 , Angles , Saxons and ___ invaded Britain.
a) Danes
b) Jutes
c) Romans
d) Celts

To flee the Anglo-saxon, the britons fled to other part of the island called?
a) North sea and Atlantic sea
b) Cornwall and Wales
c) Picts and Scots
d) Picts and Scots

All social events were conducted in this place and it was said to be the safest place in the kingdom of Anglo-saxons.
a) Fria
b) Cornwall
c) Mead Hall
d) Feasting Hall

omplete the stanza of the Caedmon’s hymn. “ Now let us praise the guardian of the kingdom of the heaven the might of the creator and the thought of his mind, the work of the glorious father how he………..?”
a) The almighty God
b) The keeper of mankind
c) The Eternal Lord
d) The Holy creator

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