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1. Who described the Celts as light-skinned, fair-haired and blue eyed?
a) A. King Arthur
b) B. Britons
c) C. Julius Caesar
d) D. King Alfred

2. Who is the famous Celtic king?
a) A. King Claudius
b) B. Julius Caesar
c) C. King Arthur
d) D. King Alfred

3. Where is the home to several Celtic tribes?
a) A. Britain
b) B. Britons
c) C. Rome
d) D. Ireland

4. What do you call the person who memorized and recited long, heroic poems to preserve the people’s history?
a) A. Druids
b) B. Witan
c) C. Thralls
d) D. Freemen

5. What is the Celtic religion that came from the Latin word spirit?
a) A. Communism
b) B. Paganism
c) C. Animism
d) D. Christianity

6. What are the three groups that invaded Britain in 449?
a) A. Angles, Saxons ,Judes
b) B. Angles, Xasons, Jutes
c) C. Angle, Saxon, Judes
d) D. Angles, Saxons, Jutes

7. What is the wall that constructed by Romans to protect them from Picts and Scots?
a) A. Great Wall
b) B. Hadrian’s Wall
c) C. Drian’s Wall
d) D. Great Hadrian’s Wall

8. What do you call to the highly organized tribal units (kingdoms)?
a) A. Anglo-Saxon Society
b) B. Tribal Units
c) C. Roman Society
d) D. Saxon Society

9. Each tribe is ruled by a king that is chosen by what?
a) A. Thanes
b) B. Freemen
c) C. Council of Elders (witan)
d) D. Thralls

10. It is the slaves who did the farming and domestic work.
a) A. Thralls
b) B. Witan
c) C. Thanes
d) D. Freemen

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