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What is the system of ideals and behavior codes that governed both knight and gentlewoman?
a) chivalry
b) courtly love
c) dubbing
d) knighthood

The idea by revering and acting in the name of lady the knight would become braver and better is an important element in that aspect in chivalry. What is it?
a) crusades
b) chivalry
c) courtly love
d) black death

What do you call to the tap on the shoulder with a sword that had originally been a hard testing blow, the culmination of this training was?
a) crusade
b) magna carta
c) the hundred years war
d) dubbing

The struggle against the Muslims the 14th century was really extension of an earlier phenomenon?
a) chivalry
b) the crusades
c) the martyrdom of Thomas Becket
d) the new city classes

They were often trained in house other than their own , so that the strictness of their training might ensured?
a) knighthood
b) the domes day book
c) institution of knighthood
d) feudalism

What was the language of the Roman Catholic Church that dominated Europe?
a) french
b) greek
c) latin
d) english

These were popular during the end of the Middle English Period. They dramatized the typical content of a homily or sermon.
a) miracle and mystery play
b) drama
c) miracle plays
d) morality plays

These were sung by people at social gatherings. They preserved the local events, beliefs and characters in an easily remembered form.
a) english and scottish ballads
b) poem
c) drama
d) song

Who wrote ‘Le Morte d’Arthur?
a) Geoffrey Chaucer
b) Sir Thomas Malory
c) Sir Patrick Spans
d) Sir Gawain

When was Middle Ages began?
a) 1093
b) 1094
c) 1095
d) 1096

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