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A phrase is a group of _______________ acting as a _________________
a) words, unit
b) sentences, paragraph
c) rules, law
d) run-ons, punctuation mistake

The three verbal phrases we discussed in class are
a) gerunds, infinitives, action verbs
b) clauses, phrases, hyphenation
c) participles, infinitives, clauses
d) participles, gerunds, infinitives

A participle phrase includes a verb, but acts as a ______________________.
a) noun
b) verb
c) adjective
d) adverb

A gerund phrase includes a verb, but acts as a ___________________________.
a) noun
b) verb
c) adjective
d) adverb

Two words that make it easy to remember the definition of syntax are
a) very important
b) sentence structure
c) author's theme
d) especially important

Modifiers add _________________ to anything!
a) fun
b) mistakes
c) details
d) boredom

Varying syntax can make an author’s writing more __________________________.
a) interesting
b) vivid
c) effective
d) all of the above

True or False? One does NOT need a hypen when writing the written out version of the number 57.
a) True
b) False
c) Don't Choose
d) Don't Choose

The easiest way to recognize if something is spelled incorrectly, is if it looks ______________.
a) special
b) weird
c) fancy
d) ostentatious

True or False? It is interesting when an author does not vary syntax.
a) True
b) Flase
c) Don't choose
d) Don't choose

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