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Where Are Places You Should Obey Rules?
a) Home
b) School
c) Around town
d) All the Above

Who is in charge when at school?
a) The teacher
b) Your friend
c) You
d) Your parent

When You are at Lunch and Someone has a Meal You Have Never Seen, What do You do?
a) Stare and laugh
b) Ask what it is nicely to learn
c) Ignore it
d) Answer 2 or Answer 3

When Walking in the Hallway, What Do You Do?
a) Walk with hands to self quietly not disrupting anyone.
b) Touch all the posters and people around you.
c) Scream hello to teachers and friends you know.
d) Run, it will get you there faster.

Why Do We Have to Obey Rules?
a) Teachers like to be bossy.
b) To keep everyone safe in a healthy environment.
c) You do not have to follow rules.
d) Our classroom does not have rules.

When a New Student is in The Classroom, What Should You Do?
a) Ignore them.
b) Make fun of them since they are new.
c) Invite them to sit with you.
d) Be nice to them, but mean behind their back.

How Do You Play at Recess With a Friend?
a) Make fun of them and run away.
b) Yell at them and make them play what you want to play.
c) Nicely making sure you and the person get to play what you both want to play.
d) Never let anyone new play with you.

When working with a partner what should you do?
a) Steal the book and you read it to yourself, not letting your partner see book.
b) Share book and work together reading and discussing.
c) Go to the bathroom and have your partner do the work.
d) Be bossy and make your partner do the work while you work on something else for a different subject.

When a Teacher Steps Out of The Room, What do You do?
a) Tell everyone there is no teacher
b) Continue to do your work quietly
c) Go snoop at the teachers desk
d) Talk with everyone around you

When Playing a Game at Recess, do You Follow the Rules and Be a Team Player?
a) YES
b) NO

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