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What are earth's layers from the center to the surface
a) inner core, outer core, crust, mantle
b) crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
c) crust, outer core, mantle, inner core
d) inner core, outer core, mantle, crust

The type of mining used when ore is removed from an open pit is called
a) deep mining
b) surface mining
c) lava mining
d) mountain mining

Earth's inner core and outer core are both
a) parts of the molten asthenosphere
b) parts of the earth's rigid lithosphere
c) completely solid spheres
d) made up of hot metals

How do earth's crust and mantle differ
a) The crust is much thinner and less dense than the mantle
b) the crust is much thinner and denser than the mantle
c) The mantle is much thicker and less dense than the crust
d) The mantle is much thinner and denser than the crust

Earth is considered a closed system because
a) energy cannot enter or leave
b) matter cannot enter or leave
c) both energy and matter can enter and leave
d) neither energy nor matter can enter and leave

Determining the manner in which a mineral breaks is helpful when
a) identifying the mineral
b) making the mineral
c) changing the mineral's composition
d) mining the mineral

A quartz sample breaks into many irregular pieces. This is an example of
a) fracture
b) cleavage
c) density
d) streak

The two major types of mineral luster are
a) metallic and nonmetallic
b) shiny and dull
c) glossy and metallic
d) dull and glossy

All minerals are
a) cubic
b) hexagonal
c) solids
d) liquids

To identify a mineral, scientist may scratch a mineral against a surface. The color of the powder left behind is the mineral's
a) element
b) streak
c) luster
d) fluorsence

An ore is a rock that contains enough of a valuable mineral to be
a) mined for magma
b) mined for lava
c) mined for crystals
d) mined for profit

Minerals are grouped according to their
a) structure
b) composition
c) density
d) mass

Which if the following are the most common group of rock-forming minerals
a) carbonates and silicates
b) oxides and carbonates
c) diamonds and oxides
d) silicates and diamonds

The cooling of hot water is one way in which
a) dissolved minerals can reform
b) heat and pressure change minerals
c) minerals dissolve in water
d) minerals grow from magma

The contour lines on a map show an area's
a) vegetation, hiking trails, and slope
b) elevation, relief, and vegetation
c) elevation, slope, and relief
d) relief, slope, and hiking trails

The shape of the land is called
a) relief
b) slope
c) contour
d) topography

On a topographic map, a contour line that forms a closed circuit may indicate
a) swamp vegetation in an area
b) the highest point in an area
c) an area with a gradual slope
d) an area with a steep slope

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