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Curved glass; may be used as a beaker cover or used in evaporating very small amounts of liquids
a) Glass plate
b) Thin stem pipette
c) Florence flask
d) Watch glass

Glass; common sizes are 125mL, 250mL, 500mL; may be heated
a) Graduated cylinder
b) Crucible and cover
c) Erlenmeyer flask
d) Volumetric flask

Plastic; to transfer very small amounts of liquid
a) Thin stem pipette
b) Beaker
c) Test tube
d) Tongs

May be metal, porcelain, or plastic; used to transfer solid chemicals in weighing
a) Triangular file
b) Tongs
c) Spatula
d) Buret

Metal; used to pick up and hold apparatus
a) Pipestem triangle
b) Tongs
c) Iron ring
d) Spatula

Metal rod upright with heavy base; used as a support
a) Buret
b) Iron ring
c) Ring stand
d) Forceps

Container with rolled edge, overflow tube, and bottle shelf; used to hold water, gas collecting bottles, and delivery tube from gas generator
a) Pneumatic trough
b) Evaporating dish
c) Watch glass
d) Erlenmeyer flask

Glass; used to stir combinations of materials and to pour liquids
a) Evaporating dish
b) Stirring rod
c) Watch glass
d) Medicine dropper

Metal heating device connected to a gas outlet with rubber tubing
a) Test tube
b) Pipestem triangle
c) Well plate
d) Bunsen burner

Glass; marked with a milliliter scale; used to measure volume
a) Graduated cylinder
b) Florence flask
c) Test tube
d) Funnel support

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