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Define Dwarf
a) Gigantic
b) Large
c) Medium
d) Small

a) The brightness of an object
b) The size of an object
c) The temperature of an object
d) the luminosity of an object.

Define Galaxy
a) The spherical shaped Milky Way, which the Solar System is a part of.
b) The body that encompasses everything
c) The Sun, planets and orbiting bodies
d) Samsung's biggest competitor

Define cosmic background radiation
a) The left over microwave energy observed potentially from the Big Bang
b) The shifting of light toward the red side of the spectrum
c) The bodies that surround the outter edge of the solar system
d) The heat generated from the Earth into space

Define Redshift
a) The observation of distant objects turning blue.
b) The left over microwave energy observed potentially from the Big Bang
c) The observation of distant objects turning red
d) A method of collecting scientific data in which probes are injected into the blood stream causing a directional change.

Define Universe
a) The Sun, eight planets, and all orbiting bodies around it.
b) The Milky Way which the Solar System is a part of.
c) A place where students go after high school
d) The body which encompasses all other objects

Define intermediate.
a) Beginning
b) Middle
c) End
d) When one object inflicts terror on another, causing a backing down.

Define Solar System
a) The body which holds all other things in it.
b) The collection of Stars, planets and Moons found throughout space
c) The Sun, eight planets, and all objects held by the Sun's gravity
d) The system consisting of Earth and Moon

Define the word luminosity
a) A word used in Harry Potter so turn on a light.
b) The brightness of a star as viewed from an observer compared to the Sun.
c) A brain training game.
d) The size of a star compared to the Sun.

What is a main sequence star?
a) A large star in the late stage of its life.
b) A specific line of stars that can be seen in a row or sequence which make up constellations
c) All the stars in the Milky Way.
d) The early stage of a star's existence where most of its life is spent.

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