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1.Defined as an act of someone having the power to create an imaginative, original literary production or composition.
a) A.Essay
b) B.Writing
c) C.Creative Writing
d) D.Composition

2.She defines creative writing as a kind of writing uses language in imaginative and bold ways.
a) A.Laurie E. Rozakis
b) B.Laura E. Rosales
c) C.Lauri E. Rosakiz
d) D.Larie E. Rosekis

3.One of the main category of writing that tells about made-up events and characters.
a) A.Fiction
b) B.Non-fiction
c) C.Realistic fiction
d) D.Short story

4.A category of writing about real people and events.
a) A.Novel
b) B.Essay
c) C.Article
d) D.Non-fiction

5.A fiction that contains imaginary situation and characters that are very similar to real life.
a) A.Novel
b) B.Short story
c) C.Realistic fiction
d) D.Semi-realistic ficton

6.The representation of action in the imitate voice of characters.
a) A.Mimic
b) B.Imitate
c) C.Mime
d) D.Mimesis

7.The representation of the actions in the writer’s own voice.
a) A.Mimesis
b) B.Denotative
c) C.Conotative
d) D.Diegesis

8.According to him “Lingiustic creativity is an integral part of human communication”.
a) A.Noam Chomsky
b) B.Roamn Jacobson
c) C.Ferdinand De Sausure
d) D.Roman Jakobson

9.In his model of transformational generative grammar,he uses creativity as an example of language’s productivity.
a) A.Noam Chomsky
b) B.Roamn Jacobson
c) C.Ferdinand De Sausure
d) D.Roman Jakobson

10.It is in the voice of the authorial narrator,transposing all direct speech.
a) A.Diegesis
b) B.Mimesis
c) C.Diagetically
d) D.Denotative

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