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Divide 3 into 45.69
a) 15.23
b) 16.23
c) 17.88
d) 20.20`

Find the pattern for 1, 2, (blank), (blank), 16, 32
a) 6,7
b) 5,8
c) 6,8
d) 4,8

Copy and Complete: 31/269= 7R (blank)
a) 22
b) 21
c) 16
d) 32

Divide and Check: 14/42,000
a) 3000
b) 4000
c) 6000
d) 7000

Where is the vertex on an angle?
a) Top of the angle
b) Bottom of the angle
c) Middle of the angle
d) Side of the angle

What is an acute angle?
a) An angle over 90 degrees
b) An angle that measures 90 degrees
c) An angle thats 30 degrees
d) An angle less than 90 degrees

Fill in the blank: The ___ is the bottom number in the fraction
a) Numerator
b) Denominator
c) Greatest common Factor (GCF)
d) Simplest form

Fill in the Blank: The ___ is the top number in a fraction
a) Numerator
b) Denominator
c) Equivelent Fraction
d) Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

What is the capital of the United States (US)?
a) Penncilvania
b) Annapolis
c) New Hamshire
d) Harrisburg

Who was the first president of the United States (US)?
a) President Barack Obama
b) President George Washington
c) President Abraham Lincon
d) President George Bush

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