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This game has a light feathered object, racket, Net that used by the player?
a) tennis
b) basketball
c) table tennis
d) badminton

In Badminton game what is the name of the object that shaped like a cone and it hit over the net?
a) shuttlecock
b) ball
c) drift
d) racket

How many player can play the Badminton Game inside the court?
a) 1 Player
b) 2-3 Players
c) 3-5 Players
d) 2-4 Players

A Badminton game equipment used to hit the shuttlecock.
a) Racket
b) Shuttlecock
c) Rocket
d) Net

In what country was the rules of badminton game developed?
a) Finland
b) Bangladesh
c) Philippines
d) England

Badminton game was invented and played by _____ officer.
a) British
b) american
c) chinese
d) european

where shall the player serve from, and receive in if it have a score of 6pts?
a) left service court
b) middle service court
c) out side the court
d) right service court

where shall the player serve from, and receive in if it have a score of 10pts?
a) right service court
b) out side the court
c) middle service court
d) left service court

'Let' is called by the ______?, or by a player.
a) server
b) opponent
c) scorer
d) ampire

How many player in the badminton game can play in a single game?
a) 2 players
b) 3 players
c) 4 players
d) 1 player

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