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If I used to direction of the ball is going to your right side , In what grip I suppost to be used?
a) Fore Hand Grip
b) Back Hand Grip
c) Right Hand Grip
d) Left Hand Grip

What shot wherin you hit the ball before touches the ground?
a) Rally
b) Smash
c) Cut
d) Volleying

Where area is between the sevice line and the net?
a) Service court
b) Back court
c) Fore court
d) center court

Done to gain the needed momentum to move and adjust the body position at an arm distance with the ball.
a) Slide Jump
b) Split Jump
c) Smooth Jump
d) Double Jump

Lawn Tennis became an Olympic Sport in what year?
a) 1688
b) 1788
c) 1888
d) 1988

What shot executed immediately after the bounce of the ball from the ground?
a) Low volley
b) Half volley
c) High volley
d) Smash volley

Where area is between the service line and the baseline?
a) Fore court
b) Back court
c) Baseline
d) Center Mark

When century are mostly in royal courts with upper class are playing of lawn tennis?
a) 12th century
b) 14th century
c) 17th century
d) 18th century

What materials is an extension of the hand used to hit the ball back and forth over the net?
a) Tennis Rackets
b) Lawn Tennis
c) Extension Tennis
d) Ball Tennis

Who was the final authority about tennis rules is located OFF the court?
a) Ball Court
b) Judges
c) Audience
d) Referee

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