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a) 3
b) 7
c) 6
d) 4

What is $13.17 divided by 7?
a) $1.00
b) $1.02
c) $1.45
d) $2.00

What is 246 divided by 6?
a) 43
b) 42
c) 40
d) 41

What is 482 divided by 4?
a) 138 r1
b) 120 r2
c) 123 r3
d) 120 r4

How many degrees is a straight angle?
a) 180
b) 185
c) 190
d) 170

What is a triangle that has three equal sides?
a) isosceles
b) obtuse
c) scalene
d) equilateral

Write eight and one-eighth as an improper fraction?
a) sixty-two eighths
b) sixty-five eighths
c) sixty-six eighths
d) sixty-three eighths

Write forty-eight ninths into a mixed number?
a) five and seven-eighths
b) five and eight-ninths
c) five and four-ninths
d) five and three-ninths

What is the nickname of Pennsylvania?
a) Garden state
b) Keystone state
c) First state
d) Rocky state

What is Pennsylvania state flower?
a) lilac
b) rose
c) tulip
d) mountain laurel

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