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Name the hormone that is produced during stressful situations.
a) adrenaline
b) testosterone
c) estrogen
d) melatonin

Name 3 of the 5 stages of grief.
a) anger, rejection, empathy
b) depression, jealousy, hatred
c) acceptance, happiness, longing
d) anger, depression, acceptance

Name 2 stressors.
a) Homework and dating relationships
b) Friends and parents rules
c) Tests and siblings
d) All of the above

How is a sedentary lifestyle a risk behavior?
a) You can hurt your body by eating unhealthy foods.
b) You can put yourself at risk for developing diseases like heart disease, cancer, osteoarthritis, diabetes...
c) You can put yourself at risk for developing diseases like drug addiction, asthma, and mental retardation.
d) It's not a risk behavior. Being sedentary is a healthy lifestyle choice.

What is a mental sign of stress?
a) Sweating, increased heart rate, and difficulty concentrating.
b) Yelling at your parents and getting into fights with your friends.
c) Mood swings, anger, and short temper.
d) Pupils dilate, headaches, and fatigue.

What type of mental health provider has the most training or education...they can write prescriptions, put you in a cast...
a) Psychiatrist
b) Pschologist
c) Middle school counselor
d) All of the above

What is NOT a symptom that someone might be considering suicide?
a) Giving away prized possessions.
b) Death in the family.
c) Sudden fascination with death.
d) Sudden change in mood.

What is NOT a physical sign of stress?
a) Getting into a fight or yelling at your friends.
b) Upset stomach and headache.
c) Sweating and increased blood pressure.
d) Adrenaline is released and the brain releases hormones to block pain.

Which is NOT an emotional need.
a) The need to be loved.
b) The need to feel as if you have accomplished something.
c) The need to belong.
d) The need for food and water.

What is NOT a HEALTHY way to deal with anger?
a) Talk to somebody.
b) Scream into a pillow.
c) Punching the wall.
d) Do something physical like play a sport.

What is 1 positive effect of having more responsibilities?
a) You get to do more things on your own.
b) You have more chores.
c) You have less time to spend with friends.
d) You have bigger consequences if you fail to fulfill your responsibilities.

What are the benefits of using the decision-making process when deciding something big?
a) You are more likely to make the wrong decision.
b) You spend more time thinking of the consequences, you hopefully make better decisions...
c) You have bigger consequences if you fail to make the right decision.
d) Please, that 6 step thingy is teenager is going to waste their ti

Why should adolescents be open to trying new things?
a) You can't teach old dogs new tricks.
b) Old people might hurt themselves if they try something new.
c) Teens should only do the things they think are cool and forget the new stuff!
d) Teens should try new things so they can see if they like them, they might find new interests...

Which is NOT a physical effect of puberty.
a) Growth spurt.
b) Body hair (pubic, facial, under arm...) appears.
c) Mood swings.
d) Increased acne.

What is the impact of intolerance?
a) When we treat others unfairly they can get mad, they can hurt themselves or others, become withdrawn...
b) Nothing, some people just need to learn to work harder to get what they want.
c) Nothing, they just need to learn some people in this world are the haves and some are the have nots!
d) Not my problem! I just ignore people that are different then me.

What is an emotional effect of puberty‚Äč?
a) Increased sweating.
b) Mood swings.
c) Males- shoulders broaden.
d) Females- start their period.

What is a social effect of puberty‚Äč?
a) Deeper relationships with friends, may have more fights with parents...
b) Stop dating due to all the zits.
c) Growth spurt.
d) Deeper voice.

Name the 3 sides of the health triangle.
a) Puberty, menstruation, social.
b) Police, medics, surgeons.
c) Physical, mental, and social.
d) Physical, mental, and emotional.

What kind of triangle should your health triangle be?
a) Isosceles
b) Equilateral.
c) Right.
d) Obtuse.

Which term means: being lazy or a couch potato.
a) Sedentary
b) Puberty
c) Values
d) Psychologist

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