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When I disagree with someone I should:
a) Yell at them
b) Not say anything
c) Tell them I disagree with them in a nice way
d) Tell them I am not happy with them and make them upset with me

If someone let’s me borrow their iPad for the weekend how should I return it?
a) With scratches all over it
b) How it was given to me, but delete all of the movies that I watched
c) I should just keep it, it was a gift
d) In the same condition it was given to me

What is a key quality in every relationship?
a) Communication and respect
b) What we buy for each other
c) That we are the same age
d) That we like the same foods

If you and a friend are walking through the forest and you find a weapon what should you do?
a) Play with it
b) Leave it there and go find an adult
c) Pick it up and bring it to an adult
d) Pretend you never saw it

If one of your friends has a grandparent pass away, what would be the proper thing to say to them?
a) Sorry for your loss, is there anything I can do to help?
b) Sucks that your grandparent died
c) People die all the time, its not a big deal
d) Don’t talk to them at all

If you disagree with someone and want them to hear your opinion how should you start your sentence?
a) That’s dumb, this is what I think…
b) Your wrong. The right thing is…
c) You make a great point but I think…
d) I disagree, that’s really stupid

If you see two of your friends in an argument over something that best way to calm the situation down is to
a) Take one friends side and gang up on the other friend
b) Ask them what they are arguing about and try to calm them down
c) Tell them they should fight over it and the winner is right
d) Do nothing, its none of your business

If you see someone committing a crime what should you do?
a) Do nothing
b) Go stop them
c) Tell the nearest adult
d) Go join them

If you find a rabbit that is hurt on the side of the road what should you do?
a) End it’s suffering and kill it
b) Nothing
c) Ask your parents if you can help it get better
d) Pick it up and bring it back to the woods

In a healthy relationship each person should
a) Show care and respect for the other person
b) Put their personal happiness first
c) Not listen to the other person all the time
d) Do what they want when they want to

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