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Which country colonized the Americas near the Mississippi River and most of Canada
a) Britain
b) France
c) Portugal
d) Spain

first country of Europe to start sending out explorers because of its location. Colonized Brazil
a) Portugal
b) Spain
c) Great Britain
d) France

sailed from Portugal around the tip of Africa to India
a) da Gama
b) Columbus
c) Hudson
d) Magellan

Exchange of crops, livestock diseases between Europeans the Native Americans
a) The Holy Wars
b) Age of Exploration
c) Triangular Trade
d) Columbian Exchange

Europe's desire for spices other goods led to the colonization of Asia, Africa the Americas; made possible by new technology
a) The Crusades
b) The Holy Wars
c) Age of Exploration
d) None of the Above

Sailed from Spain to the Bahamas (Caribbean)
a) Hudson
b) da Gama
c) Columbus
d) Magellan

Shows direction, impacted exploration greatly
a) Compass
b) Astrolabe
c) Caravel
d) Gunpowder

device which used the sun stars to find latitude, impacted navigation
a) Astrolabe
b) Gunpowder
c) Caravel
d) Compass

Economy where country sells more of their goods than it buys; colonies were important for raw materials which benefited the mother country
a) Mercantilism
b) Market Economy
c) Capitalism
d) Feudalism

Africa: Source of Slave Labor/ The Americas: Source of Raw Materials Market for finished goods/ Europe: Produced the finished products; used successfully by Great Britain
a) Columbian Exchange
b) Triangular Trade

Europeans used slave labor from _______ during the Middle Passage, this led to a decline in population of __________.
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) America
d) Europe

ship owners merchants; led to an increase in wealth in Europe; Import source of taxes
a) nobles
b) clergy
c) middle class
d) serfs

economy where buyers sellers exchange freely
a) Capitalism
b) Market Economy
c) Mercantilism
d) Feudalism

True or FalseTaxes on Imports used to keep foreign goods out of a country
a) True
b) False

Europe wanted to dominate control trade, The continent became isolated afterwards
a) Africa
b) Australia
c) Asia
d) Americas

Which country colonized most of South America and Central America
a) Spain
b) France
c) Britain
d) Portugal

Which country discovered the original 13 colonies and parts of Canada.
a) Britain
b) Spain
c) Portugal
d) France

How did the slave trade affect Africa
a) Led to war with Asia
b) Population Increase
c) Population Decrease
d) Led to war with the Americas

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