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Which best management practice would help to channel runoff into a vegetation area in order to slow down the water and filter out pollutants?
a) fencing between runoff and a river
b) rain barrel
c) holding pond
d) curb break

Which best management practice could a homeowner use to conserve (save) water?
a) raingarden
b) rain barrel
c) holding pond
d) curb break

Which best management practice would a farmer use to replenish nutrients in the soil as well as to reduce erosion?
a) bioswale/raingarden
b) landscape island
c) no till/conservation tillage
d) holding pond

What type of land use would have the following pollutants associated with it (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and erosion)?
a) livestock areas
b) urban areas
c) industrial areas
d) agricultural areas

Impervious surfaces like pavement and concrete create all of the following impacts except:
a) livestock waste
b) thermal pollution
c) contaminated runoff
d) flooding

Which of the following issues would probably NOT be associated with farmland?
a) increased erosion
b) thermal pollution
c) livestock waste
d) excess nutrients

Riparian forests provide all of the following services except:
a) absorbing sediment
b) filtering excess nutrients
c) controlling agricultural pests
d) filtering pollutants

Removing wetlands to develop land can have an impact on which of the following ecosystem services?
a) water purification
b) controlling agricultural pests
c) protecting humans from uv rays from the sun
d) both a and c

Estuaries provide all of the following ecosystem services except
a) nursery for fish and shellfish
b) provides habitat to maintain biodiversity
c) provides a source of recreation
d) generates and preserves soils for agriculture

How would a buffer zone help to improve the water quality near a farm?
a) filter out pollutants
b) replenish the nutrients in the soil
c) increasing erosion
d) protecting humans from uv rays

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