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What is true of easterlies and westerlies?
a) Easterlies move towards the poles and westerlies move away from the poles
b) Easterlies move away from the poles and westerlies move toward the poles
c) They are only found in the Northern Hemisphere
d) They are only found in the Southern hemisphere

Air moves from
a) Low pressure to high pressure
b) High pressure to low pressure

Low pressure near the equator where the trade winds meet are known as
a) Jet streams
b) Westerlies
c) Easterlies
d) Doldrums

What is true of warm and cold air?
a) Warm air rises and cold air sinks
b) Warm air sinks and cold air rises
c) Both types of air rise
d) Both types of air sink

Warm air mass gets caught between two colder air masses and is forced upward is known as
a) A warm front
b) A cold front
c) An occluded front
d) A stationary front

When air masses are on either side of the front, not towards each other, we describe this as
a) A warm front
b) A cold front
c) An occluded front
d) A stationary front

A warm front typically has
a) Steady and continuous precipitation
b) A short lived thunderstorm

As you go up in altitude,
a) Pressure increases and density increases
b) Pressure decreases and density increases
c) Pressure decreases and density decreases
d) Pressure increases and density decreases

This is the most abundant gas in the troposphere
a) Nitrogen
b) Oxygen
c) Water Vapor
d) Carbon Dioxide

As you go up in altitude, these TWO layers experience an increase in temperature due to gas absorption
a) Mesosphere and troposphere
b) Stratosphere and Thermosphere
c) Mesosphere and Stratosphere
d) Thermosphere and Exosphere

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