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Religious groups are different than ethnic groups because most religious groups
a) are not dependent on ancestry.
b) do not exist in Africa.
c) have more shared culture than ethnic groups.
d) require a common ancestry.

Which BEST describes an ethnic group?
a) A multi-cultural group that only shares religious beliefs.
b) A group with somewhat common ancestry and shared culture.
c) Several families that live and work together.
d) Workers working in the same job.

Which person is a member of a religious group?
a) Kimba is an Ashanti.
b) Nemal is a Kurd.
c) Lakesha is a Nigerian.
d) Mustafa is a Muslim.

What is a community of people sharing ancestry, customs and language known as?
a) an ethnic group
b) a caste
c) a religious group
d) a nomadic group

Which of the following is NOT a true statement about ethnic groups?
a) Members of an ethnic group often share traditions.
b) Each ethnic group has its own religion.
c) Members of an ethnic group often share a language.
d) Ethnic groups are cultural communities.

Which statement is true regarding the Arab, Ashanti, Bantu, and Swahili ethnic groups in Africa?
a) None of these groups are native to Africa.
b) There is a large amount of religious diversity among and within the groups.
c) These groups are the most economically successful in Africa.
d) All of the groups rely on the same environment for survival.

Combining traditional beliefs with practices from Christianity and Islam would MOST LIKELY happen in which ethnic group?
a) Buddhists
b) Bantus
c) Sunni’s
d) Hindus

African religious beliefs include traditional religious beliefs that came before the introduction of Christianity and Islam to the continent. Which of these statements describes traditional African religious beliefs?
a) Belief in the influence of ancestors on daily life.
b) Belief in the importance of a divine savior.
c) Belief in Krishna.
d) Belief their king is a god.

The Ashanti believe the strength of their nation is dependent on
a) the Silver Stool.
b) the Golden cross.
c) the Golden Stool.
d) the Silver Cross

MOST Africans today are
a) Nomadic.
b) Arab.
c) Muslim or Christian.
d) Ashanti.

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