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The Charter of 1732 said that there must be one male for each ______ acres of land.
a) 50
b) 75
c) 100
d) 500

What is the name of the trustee that had the idea to settle Georgia (he is the only trustee that actually came to Georgia)?
a) Charles Wesley
b) John Wesley
c) King George II
d) James Oglethorpe

What was the name of Oglethorpe's friend, the Yamacraw chief?
a) George
b) Sequoyah
c) Tomochichi
d) Mary Musgrove

What were the reasons for settling Georgia?
a) Charity, Furs, Military Defense
b) Money, Economics, Land
c) Charity, Economics, Military Defense
d) men, women, rivers

The oldest colony, ___________, was over 120 years old.
a) Jamestown
b) Charles Town
c) Pennsylvania
d) Virginia

The youngest colony, established in 1681, was ____________.
a) Jamestown
b) Charles Town
c) Pennsylvania
d) Virginia

These settlers didn't have permission to come to Georgia. However, there was a doctor among the group that ended up saving many people that had gotten sick with the fever.
a) Forty-two Jews
b) Salzburgers
c) Moravians
d) Malcontents

Georgia was the ______________ colony.
a) 4th
b) 9th
c) 11th
d) 13th

This group of settlers established a settlement in Darien. They had a reputation for being good soldiers and fighters.
a) Highland Scots
b) Malcontents
c) Moravians
d) Salzburgers

This group of settlers became unhappy with the trustees' policies and laws.
a) Jewish Settlers
b) Salzburgers
c) Malcontents
d) Highland Scots

This group of English settlers were very hard-working. They tried their best to produce silk.
a) Salzburgers
b) Moravians
c) Highland Scots
d) Malcontents

What was the biggest battle of the War of Jenkins' Ear?
a) The Battle of Frederica
b) The Battle of Bloody Marsh
c) The Battle of St. Simons Island
d) The Battle of Savannah

Who did Oglethorpe fight when he went to St. Augustine?
a) The English
b) The French
c) The Spanish
d) The Indians

What city was the first to be settled in Georgia?
a) Atlanta
b) Augusta
c) Macon
d) Savannah

Which is not a problem faced by the early settlers?
a) alligators
b) rattlesnakes
c) humidity
d) rain

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