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What is 625/7?
a) 87
b) 84
c) 96
d) 91

What is 45 dollars divided by 3?
a) 27.00
b) 29.00
c) 17.00
d) 15.00

What is 3,637 divided by 6?
a) 595
b) 298
c) 607
d) 826

What is 215 divided by 69?
a) 11
b) 22
c) 17
d) 12

How many blocks does a pentomino have?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

If a triangle has sides that are 2 inches long each what kind of triangle is it?
a) equilateral
b) right angle
c) scalene
d) isosceles

Turn 8/24 into a fraction with a denominator of 6.
a) 3/6
b) 2/6
c) 4/6
d) 1/6

Is 3and4/5 a mixed number,improper fraction,percent,or other?
a) percent
b) mixed number
c) improper fraction
d) other

What is our states nickname?
a) Garden state
b) Sunshine state
c) Keystone state
d) Beach state

What is Pennsylvania's state Bird?
a) Blue Jay
b) Cardinal
c) Ruffed grouse
d) Finch

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