Protists And Fungi Question Preview (ID: 205)

Brief Overview Of The Kingdoms Protista And Fungi. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

a) are producers
b) are primarily single-celled
c) are found only in the soil
d) cannot eat or engulf food

A lichen
a) is a parasite
b) is a consumer
c) can only live where there is plenty of water
d) is made up of an alga and a funus that live intertwined

Animal-like protists
a) are also known as protozoa
b) all of the above
c) may be either free living or parasitic
d) include amoebas and Paramecium

Flagella and cilia help protists
a) move about
b) produce energy
c) make a nest
d) eat their food

Protists and fungi BOTH:
a) are producers
b) are eukaryotic
c) have millions of cells
d) have cilia to move around

Which is not a group of fungi
a) threadlike fungi
b) club fungi
c) sac fungi
d) needlenose fungi

Lichens, which can be found in a variety of environments,
a) produce acids that can break down rock
b) are consumers
c) produce endospores to withstand extreme cold
d) can burrow underground for shelter

Which is not a main group of protists:
a) Animal-like
b) Plant-like
c) Bacteria-like
d) Fungus-like

When Euglena reproduce asexually, that means:
a) it reproduces by fission, splitting into two
b) two parent cells produce one new cell with shared characteristics
c) it suspends animation and comes back to life when the environmet is suitable
d) it uses a spore

Pseudopodia help amoebas:
a) chew up food
b) move and get food
c) communicate
d) reproduce and eat

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