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Why is fire considered nonliving?
a) Fire is not made up of cells.
b) Fire does not grow and develop.
c) Fire does not respond to its environment.
d) Fire cannot maintain a stable internal environment.

One hydra forms by budding from another hydra. Based on this information, which characteristic of living things supports the idea that hydras are living?
a) Living things are made up of cells
b) Living things produce new organisms.
c) Living things grow and develop.
d) Living things respond to their environment.

A frog begins life as an egg, then becomes a tadpole, and finally becomes a frog. Based on this information which of the following characterisitcs of a living thing applies?
a) Living things are made of cells
b) Living things reproduce
c) Living things grow and develop
d) Living things use energy

Every living thing maintains a stable internal environment. Which scenario provides an example of this characteristic?
a) Maple tree seeds grow into maple tree saplings.
b) Humans sweat to help remove excess heat from their skin.
c) Plant roots respond to gravity by growing down into the soil.
d) Decomposers obtain energy from the remains of dead organisms.

Why are caterpillars considered living things?
a) They are made up of cells.
b) They are made up of atoms.
c) They are made up of elements.
d) They are made up of molecules.

Which of the following is composed of cells?
a) air
b) water
c) crystals
d) mushrooms

Which is the BEST description of a macromolecule?
a) an individual compound
b) a molecule made of many small molecules
c) an individual amino acid
d) a molecule made only of carbon molecules

Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids all have different structures and functions, but are all formed around which type of atom?
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen
c) carbon
d) nitrogen

Monomers link to form molecules called polymers. A limitless number of polymers can be built from monomers. Which statement BEST explains how such a large number and variety of polymers can be built from monomers?
a) There are a limitless number of monomers that can combine to form polymers.
b) Each time a monomer links with another monomer, a new type of polymer is formed that is unlike any previously formed.
c) Each new polymer has one more monomer linked to it than polymers formed previously; therefore, an infinite number of polymers
d) A small set of monomers can come together in a wide variety of ways, forming limitless types of polymers.

What is the precursor for proteins?
a) Amino Acids
b) Nucelic Acids
c) Carbohydrates
d) Lipids

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