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Which of the following is not a goal of science?
a) to investigate and understand the natural world
b) to explain events in the natural world
c) to establish a collection of unchanging truths
d) to use derived explanations to make useful predictions

Science differs from other disciplines, such as history and the arts, because science relys on
a) facts
b) testing explanations
c) observations
d) theories

the process by which organisms keep everything inside their bodies within certain limits is called
a) homeostasis
b) evolution
c) metabolism
d) photosynthesis

A scientist in which area is most likely to study DNA?
a) information and heredity
b) cellular basis of life
c) matter and energy
d) interdependence in nature

Would a scientist who studies evolution also have to learn about other branches of Biology? Why or why not?
a) yes, the other branches of biology are more important.
b) yes, the different branches are interrelated
c) no, the other branches of biology do not affect evolution
d) no, each branch of biology is separate from the other.

What are the smallest objects that Biologists study?
a) cells
b) body organs
c) molecules
d) organisms

Biologists that work in the fields of genomics and molecular biology study...
a) the biosphere
b) diseases
c) DNA
d) trees

Which kind of biologist would be most likely to use satellite technology?
a) global ecologist
b) biotechnologist
c) molecular biologist
d) paleontologist

the basic unit of length in the metric system is the
a) gram
b) liter
c) yard
d) meter

Scientists often try to repeat each other's results. Which of the following should a scientist do to make it easier for others to replicate his or her experiments?
a) Not use a control to save time.
b) Collect only one set of data
c) Skip Peer review so the results are available sooner.
d) Use the metric system when communicating procedures and results.

Science is best described as a
a) set of facts
b) way of knowing
c) collection of beliefs
d) list of rules

The work of scientists usually begins with
a) testing a hypothesis
b) careful observations
c) creating experiments
d) drawing conclusions

Information gathered from observing a play grow 3 cm over a two week period is called
a) inferences
b) variables
c) hypothesis
d) data

Based on your observations, you suggest that the presence of water could accelerate the growth of bread mold. This is...
a) a conclusion
b) a hypothesis
c) an experiment
d) an analysis

A scientific hypothesis
a) can be based on personal beliefs or opinions
b) can be tested by experiments or observations
c) does not have to be tested to be accepted as correct
d) is a proven fact with much evidence to support it

Who reviews articles for peer-reviewed journals?
a) Friends of the scientist who wrote the article.
b) Anonymous and independent experts.
c) The scientists who did the experiment.
d) People who paid for the experiment.

What does a reviewer do during peer-review?
a) Focus on mistakes in spelling.
b) Change data to support results.
c) Check for mistakes and bias.
d) Repeat the experiments in the article.

A theory
a) is always true.
b) is the opening statement of an experiment.
c) may be revised or replaced.
d) is a problem to be solved.

How do scientific theories compare to hypotheses?
a) Theories are the same as hypotheses.
b) Theories unify a broad range of observations and hypotheses.
c) Hypotheses combine the ideas of several theories to explain events.
d) Hypotheses are the dominant view among scientists.

A well tested explanation that explains a lot of observations is
a) a hypothesis.
b) an inference.
c) a theory.
d) a controlled experiment.

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