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What was Ivan Aksionove wrongly convicted of doing?
a) lying to a priest
b) robbing a nobleman
c) murdering a merchant
d) stealing bread

What secret did the Governor ask Ivan to reveal about a fellow prisoner?
a) who was digging the tunnel
b) who was stealing food
c) who was beating the other prisoners
d) who was not using their real name

What happened to Ivan before he could be released?
a) He died.
b) He was moved to another prison.
c) He was beaten.
d) He was left outside to starve.

What was the name of Galileo's telescope?
a) Old Reliable
b) Truth and WIsdom
c) Generosity
d) Old Discoverer

How did Galileo plan to leave behind his ideas for future generations?
a) by telling everyone about them
b) by drawing his ideas on church ceilings
c) by publishing his ideas in books
d) by proclaiming his ideas from the pulpit

What was Galileo's occupation before he was a researcher?
a) preacher
b) artist
c) teacher
d) baker

What was Galileo's punishment after the trial?
a) life in seclusion
b) death
c) banishment
d) a heavy fine

In The FInger of God, who was going to turn Strickland into the police?
a) the girl
b) his boss
c) his butler
d) the banker

What was the girl's professional occupation?
a) teacher
b) banker
c) taxi driver
d) secretary

What did the girl bring him?
a) money
b) letters
c) food
d) luggage

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