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If susie is walking south at 10m/s and bob is running north at 10 m/s what can you say about their travel
a) their speed is the same, velocity is different
b) velcoity is the same, speed is different
c) nothing it's all different

If a car is stopped then speeds up to 50 m/s in 20s what is its acceleration?
a) 4 km/hr
b) 2.5m/s2
c) 2 km/hr
d) 5 km/hr

Maria walked 2 km in half an hour. What was her speed?
a) 4km/hr
b) 2.5 m/s2
c) 25 m/s2
d) 50 m/s

A car travels 100m in 20s. what is it's speed?
a) 5
b) 10 m/s
c) 10
d) 5 m/s

Which of the following is the equation for speed?
a) S=D/T
b) S=D*T
c) D=S/T
d) T=D*S

When finding acceleration you need to know what three things
a) final speed, inital speed and distance
b) final speed, inital speed and time
c) time, speed, and distance
d) distance, motion, speed

Speed in a specific direction is
a) motion
b) velocity
c) acceleration
d) relative motion

A flat, or horizontal, line on a distance-time graph means that the speed is
a) zero
b) increasing
c) decreasing
d) nothing

A cheetah can go from 0m/s to 20m/s in 2s. What is the cheetah's acceleration?
a) 10 m/s2
b) 5 m/s
c) 10
d) 20 m/s

Acceleration measures a change in
a) location
b) motion
c) speed
d) velocity

____ 9. Dan sits in a moving car. As he looks out the window, another car is right next to his. When he looks again, the other car is still right next to his. Which of the following is true?
a) The other car is moving with the same speed as Dan's car.
b) The other car is moving slower than Dan's car
c) The other car is parked.
d) . The other car is moving faster than Dan's car.

Sara walked north at 100 m/s. Han had a different velocity but the same speed. He could have walked
a) 100 m/s north
b) 100m/s south
c) 300m/s east
d) 200m/s west

Motion is a change in
a) speed over time
b) motion over speed
c) position over time
d) distance over speed

Susies knows that a friend runs 40 m in 5s. She could use this to calculate her friend's
a) speed
b) motion
c) distance
d) velocity

Bob walks a total of 200 m in 100 s. Dividing 200 m by 100 s gives you Bob's
a) motion
b) velocity
c) acceleration
d) average speed

To specify the position of an object, you need to know
a) reference point
b) motion
c) speed
d) distance

A person on a moving train sees a car that appears to be stopped. A person outside the train sees both the car and the train moving. This example shows
a) speed
b) relative motion
c) distance
d) reference point

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