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One of the first people to explore the SW for Spain was?
a) Washington
b) Estevanico
c) Lincolin
d) Mr. Hall

The explorers from Spain wanted to find the _____ cities of gold
a) 3
b) 8
c) 7
d) 10

In what year did Francisco Coronado sail to look for the cities?
a) 1540
b) 1420
c) 1640
d) 1450

How many men did he take?
a) 600
b) 200
c) 3000
d) 300

Where did Hernando de Soto start his search in America?
a) California
b) Virginia
c) Florida
d) Mexico

What year did De Soto start his search?
a) 1593
b) 1439
c) 1539
d) 1493

How many men did De Soto have on his search?
a) 600
b) 700
c) 7000
d) 300

The Spanish built _____?
a) Missions
b) Farms
c) Stores
d) Bridges

Who worked in the Missions?
a) Soldiers
b) Priests
c) Doctors
d) Native Americans

How Many years did the SW belong to Spain?
a) 600
b) 200
c) 500
d) 300

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