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Hongwu first ____ to help China become a dominant power.
a) overthrew the Mongols and established the Ming Dynasty
b) reduced government expenses and lowered taxes
c) opened all ports to trade with European countries
d) sent explorers to western Europe to learn about science and medicine

Vasco da Gama gained _____ for Portugal.
a) a sea route between Portugal and India
b) control of the Spice Islands
c) a sea route between Portugal and China
d) profitable trade with the Philippine Islands

In the years directly following the Crusades, ____ profited most from trade with the East.
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) France
d) England

____ hindered effective centralized government in Japan.
a) The power of the daimyo
b) Dissatisfaction of the peasant class
c) Interference from Christian missionaries
d) Difficulties of collecting taxes

What two main reasons kept China from becoming highly industrialized?
a) The idea of commerce offended Confucian beliefs, and taxes on manufactured goods were high.
b) Demand for Chinese goods was low, so merchants traded grain.
c) Merchants had to smuggle cargo to trade, and the silver that bought smuggled goods forced inflation.
d) Missionaries made little impact, and policy favored agriculture.

____ presents images rather than expresses an idea?
a) Haiku
b) Saikaku
c) Kowtow
d) Kabuki

Japan instituted ____ to control foreign ideas.
a) a closed country policy
b) a policy of persecution
c) a Zen Buddhist policy
d) a policy of colonization

The Treaty of Tordesillas signed by Portugal and Spain was intended to
a) decrease conflict over the claiming of new lands
b) divide up the trade routes to the East
c) create an alliance that would offset Dutch domination of sea routes
d) promote cooperation in the sharing of technological advances

China's main reason for rejecting British offers of trade was thst
a) China believed it was self-sufficient and didn't need outside goods.
b) Britain wanted to be the exclusive trading partner with China.
c) China's emperor did not like the gifts the British merchants offered.
d) British merchants refused to kowtow to the emperor.

What were Europeans' main motives for making voyages of exploration?
a) to grow wealthy and spread Christianity
b) to gain extra land for a growing population
c) to break the Portuguese monopoly on trade
d) to test their new technology

____ was the leader in developing and applying 15th century sailing innovations?
a) Portugal
b) Spain
c) Italy
d) the Netherlands

Prince Henry helped ____ to take the lead in overseas exploration.
a) Portugal
b) Spain
c) England
d) the Netherlands

China's Forbidden City and the way it was used reflected all of these except
a) the importance of Confucianism in China
b) the distinction between social classes in China
c) the nation's isolationism
d) the power and wealth of the emperor

The first Europeans to arrive on Japanese soil were
a) shipwrecked Portuguese sailors .
b) Dutch merchants from the Dutch East India Company.
c) Italians who traded firearms.
d) Christian missionaries.

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