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China's official trade policy was that
a) only the government was allowed to trade with foreign countries, and only in certain ports.
b) trade was completely banned as against Confucian beliefs.
c) taxes in trade wouldbe kept low to encourage merchant activity.
d) everyone in China was permitted to trade with foreigners.

In the 1700s, who dominated the Indian Ocean trade?
a) The Dutch East India Company
b) The British East India Company
c) The French East India Company
d) Mughal India

Bartolomeu Dias captained the first European ship to sail
a) around the southern tip of Africa.
b) across the Indian Ocean to India.
c) along the west coast of Africa.
d) west across the Atlantic Ocean.

Unlike the British, the Dutch were able to win the favor of the ____ emperors by accepting trade restrictions, paying tribute, and kowtowing.
a) Chinese
b) Japanese
c) Roman
d) Manchu

The Tokugawa Shogunate ruled during a time of
a) peace.
b) uncertainty.
c) civil war.
d) tremendous growth in trade.

The _____ established good trade relations with Japan, partly because they had introduced the musket and cannon to this nation.
a) Dutch
b) Italians
c) Chinese
d) Spanish

The Chinese Muslim explorer_____ led seven voyages of exploration that ranged from Southeast Asia to eastern Africa.
a) Zheng He
b) Kangxi
c) Yonglo
d) Qian-Long

_____ explored the African coast to find an all-water route to Asia.
a) Portugal
b) India
c) Britain
d) The Netherlands

Portugal, the Netherlands, England, and France competed for control of the _____ Ocean trade.
a) Indian
b) Atlantic
c) Pacific
d) Arctic

Kangxi and Qian-long were emperors of China's ____ Dynasty.
a) Qing
b) Ming
c) Qin
d) Han

After the Crusades ended, the ________ controlled the trade of goods from East to West.
a) Italians and Muslims
b) Spanish and Portuguese
c) Dutch and English
d) Chinese and Japanese

In 1612, Tokugawa Ieyasu began a successful campaign to rid Japan of all _____ belief.
a) Christian
b) Buddhist
c) Confucian
d) Shinto

Zheng He was important because
a) he led seven Chinese overseas explorations.
b) he was China's first non-Chinese emperor.
c) he overthrew the Mongol rule.
d) he was China's first Chinese emperor.

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