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When buying a stock in a company, you are:
a) diversifying your portfolio
b) investing in an index fund
c) loaning money to a company
d) buying a portion of a company

When you purchase a municipal bond, you are:
a) buying a portion of a municipality
b) diversifying your portfolio
c) investing in an index fund
d) loaning money to a municipality

The main trade-off that all investors must consider is:
a) risk vs. return
b) income vs. cost
c) diversity vs. uniformity
d) stocks vs. bonds

Diversification is important in investing becauseā€¦
a) It increases your overall risk which guarantees that you will make more money.
b) It helps you to balance your risk across different investment types.
c) It ensures that you only make low-risk investments.
d) It helps you gain the highest rate of return despite any risks.

A collection of investments that you can buy as a single package, rather than purchasing individual stocks, bonds, and other investments yourself.
a) Capital Gain
b) Mutual Funds
c) Bonds
d) Stocks

The higher the risk, the higher the potential return of any money you invest. The lower the risk, the lower the potential return.
a) Security
b) Risk and Return
c) Stockbroker
d) Rate of Return

The brokerage firm is lending you money to buy stocks when you are buying on
a) Margin
b) Capital
c) Bonds
d) Rate of return

A term referring to any category of investments.
b) Stocks
c) Security
d) Bonds

The ration of the money you gain on an investment in relation to the amount of money that was invested.
a) Security
b) Rate of Return
c) Risk and Return
d) Stockbroker

The amount of money you gainprofit from an investment.
a) Rate of Return
c) Capital Gain
d) Mutual Funds

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