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7. What is the breastplate wore by the Anglo-Saxon?
a) bymies
b) kennings
c) caesuras
d) flyting

It is the religion of the Anglo-Saxon.
a) Atheist
b) Hinduism
c) Animism
d) Paganism

6. The Anglo – Saxons valued this as equal to fighting, hunting and farming. What is it?
a) Scops
b) Bards
c) StoryTelling
d) Knights

5. What do you call to the conflict of wits between two warriors where each praises his own deeds and belittles the others?
a) Seafaring
b) Flyting
c) Caesuras
d) Kennings

4. In the entire languages spoken by the Celts, which one is still spoken today?
a) Cornish
b) Irish
c) Welsh
d) Scottish

3. In the Anglo- Saxon tribal unites, who are the slaves who did the farming and domestic work?
a) Thanes
b) Witans
c) Freemen
d) Thralls

2. Who are the council of elders in the Anglo-Saxon Society who could choose the king for each tribal unit?
a) Witan
b) Wales
c) Thanes
d) Thralls

These are the groups who invaded Britain excepts
a) Angles
b) Celts
c) Saxons
d) Jutes

Where is the safest place in the kingdom?
a) Palace
b) Mead Hall
c) Feating Hall
d) Soldiers Quarter

Who are the storytellers in the Anglo-Saxon?
a) bards and scops
b) kennings
c) caesuras
d) bymies

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