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Southwest Asia Middle East Religions Review.

Which of these BEST explains the importance of Judaism in world history?
a) It became the dominant religion in medieval Europe
b) It was the first major monotheistic faith in the world
c) There is no central leader of Judaism as in Christianity
d) Both Hinduism and Buddhism developed from early Judaism

-Give to charity -Make a pilgrimage -Fasting during the holy month -Pray five times a day These are four of the most important requirements of what religion?
a) Christianity
b) Hinduism
c) Islam
d) Shinto

Monotheism is the religious belief in
a) peace
b) one God
c) tolerance
d) one culture

Which is the common aspect of the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
a) monotheism
b) reincarnation
c) belief in the New Testament
d) belief in Jesus the Song of God

The split into Sunni and Shia divisions of Islam can be traced to
a) The failure to defeat invading forces from Persia
b) A loss of territory to religious rebels in Arabia
c) A dispute over the question of Muhammad's successor
d) The reluctance of kings to submit to the will of Islam

Which continent was the birthplace of most of the world's major religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
a) Africa
b) Americas
c) Asia
d) Europe

The cities of Mecca and Medina were vital to the foundation of what religion?
a) Christianity
b) Hinduism
c) Islam
d) Judaism

Which statement represents one of the beliefs of Judaism?
a) Abraham is the father of the faith
b) Jesus is held to be the Son of God
c) The Qu'ran is the main religious text
d) The Four Noble Truths guide followers

Which society is most closely associated with Iraghsdnfhsjikkgfhkasjdhfczkascfkjdlshgjdshfkjdh?
a) Indian
b) European
c) Middle Eastern
d) Native American

What religion is not only practiced today, but also served as the foundation for both Christianity and Islam?
a) Buddhism
b) Hinduism
c) Judaism
d) Taoism

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