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The major rivers in southwest Asia have become political issues because...
a) Deserts prevent the rivers from being large enough to be useful
b) They can be used only for trade and travel
c) Farmers have not been able to find ways to use water for irrigation
d) Everyone needs to be able to share the water and there is only a limited supply

What is the best way to get around in the desert?
a) Jeep
b) 4 wheeler
c) Camel
d) Helicopter

What is a major job occupation in the Middle East?
a) Fishing
b) Camel renting
c) Oil jobs
d) Farming

Many of the largest cities in southwest Asia are located on or near...
a) Deserts
b) Major rivers
c) Large grasslands
d) Mountain ranges

Why does OPEC play a powerful role in the world?
a) OPEC controls the oil in the world market
b) OPEC is a part of the United Nations
c) OPEC builds dams along shared rivers
d) OPEC is ultimately owned by the United States

How has the discovery of oil in some southwestern asian countries affected their development?
a) Those with oil need less water than those without oil
b) Having oil has made very little difference in the middle east
c) The discovery of oil has meant no other industry can develop in the region
d) Those countries with oil reserves are much richer than those countries that have not found oil

Why arn't desalination and drip irrigation used more in southwest Asia?
a) Most countries do not know about these technologies
b) Drip irrigation is not very effective in hot, dry climate
c) Few countries in southwest Asia have access to seawater
d) These technologies are very expensive for the countries to use

How has the use of chemical fertilizers affected water supplies in the middle east?
a) Use of chemical fertilizers means crops must constantly be watered
b) Enormous amounts of water must be used to produce chemical fertilizers
c) Water supplies have been contaminated by chemical runoffs from the field
d) Chemical fertilizers have very little effect on local water supplies

What is one problem chemical fertilizers cause farmers?
a) Chemical fertilizers make farm animal sick
b) Chemical fertilizers have led to the buildup of salt levels in the soil
c) Fertilizers are too expensive for everyday use
d) Few countries have access to fertilizer factories

How has the building of dams created problems for countries sharing rivers in southwest Asia?
a) Dams are too expensive
b) Dams limit the water available to countries further downstream
c) Few countries have the technology needed to build dams
d) Countries in southwest Asia are restricted from building dams

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