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Fill in the box to complete. 7,200/? =900
a) 100
b) 80
c) 8
d) 90

Find the Quotient. 456/3=?
a) 152
b) 150
c) 60
d) 160

Divide. Use mental math. 6,400/800=?
a) 50
b) 9
c) 80
d) 8

Divide. 712/5=?
a) 150 R1
b) 142 R2
c) 140 R5
d) 151 R1

If a triangle 90 degrees what kind of angle is it?
a) acute
b) obtuse
c) right
d) triangle

If a triangle has 2 equal sides what kind of triangle is it.
a) square
b) scalene
c) equalaterial
d) isosceles

Find the simplest form of this fraction. 7/14
a) 1/2
b) 2/4
c) 7/14
d) 1/3

complete this fraction sentence. 5/6=?/12
a) 15
b) 10
c) 2
d) 5

What is the capital of Pennsylvania?
a) Kentucky
b) Philidelphia
c) Harrisburg
d) New York

Who is Pennsylvania's governor?
a) Edward G. Rendell
b) Bill Sestack
c) Joe Bellhand
d) Crater Lollypik

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