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Testing Your Legal Knowledge.[print questions]

Which of the following is not a type of a tax in Armenia
a) Personal Income Tax
b) Corporate Income Tax
c) Value Added Tax
d) Wife's/husband's Tax

Minimum number of annual leave days for employees working 5 days per week:
a) 360
b) 20
c) 24
d) 22

Which of the following may carry a tobacco trademark without a health warning in Armenia?
a) Key chain
b) Playing cards
c) Watch
d) Lighter

What does 'CAS' stand for?
a) Contract Approval Sheet
b) Cool And Sober
c) Camel And Sobranie
d) Can Anyone Sign (this contract, please)?

Which of the following would be acceptable?
a) Placement of an advertisement in a printed publication 70% of the readers of which are minors
b) Printed advertisement that has a proper health warning less than 5%
c) Paid placement of a JTI product in the TV show 'Kargin Serial'
d) Rewarding participants of a survey

What is the difference between backdated and retroactive contracts?
a) There is no actual difference but lawyers would never admit
b) The first one is illegal, the second one is legal
c) Backdated contract apply to past events whereas the second one is just an old-fashioned way of signing contracts
d) The first requires CAS whereas the second does not

Could JTI use pictures of Monica Bellucci smoking Sobranie?
a) Yes, as long as appropriate health warnings are in place
b) Yes, unless her husband gets upset
c) No, this would be against Global Marketing Standards
d) No, since she's too old

Law on Limitations of Usage, Dissemination and Consumption Limitations of Tobacco Products
a) Protects the rights of the smokers
b) Suggests plain packaging as an effective way to quit smoking
c) Makes pictorial health warnings mandatory
d) Imposes fines for using electronic cigarettes in public areas

Police officer may not legally fine if you are underage and you do the following:
a) Smoke
b) Sell cigarettes
c) Drive a vehicle
d) Sing and yell in the street at 3AM

What is the legal age to buy a pack of cigarettes in Armenia
a) 16
b) 0+
c) 21
d) 18

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